The picture on my page is of Helen and myself on one of our first dates.

I was 15 years old and she was 14.

Helen was the love that everyone dreams of having. I was smitten, crazy in love with her. I could not get enough of her. At 23 years old we were married and had two children, Brent and Karis became the focus of our lives. There were hockey games, cheerleading events, gymnastics, and so many great vacations. It was a storybook family.

My goal was always to be Helen’s hero. I would do anything to make her happy.

And then at the age of 50 she was struck with stage 3C ovarian cancer.

Helen beat all odds fighting and living the last five years of her life. Through chemo, radiation and terrible news from doctors, she kept fighting and kept living.

Helen passed away at 55. I still think about her every day as she became my hero.

No person or family should have to live through this tortuous disease.

We are truly making a difference helping women in the fight and searching for a cure.

Please support me with your donation. Every dollar helps

With all my love.   Gary

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