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Fundraising Ideas

  • Arrange for a shopping / dining day at a local retailer.  These giveback days are great ways for you or your team to raise money and spread the word about the upcoming Wheel to Survive. Let us know about the event and we will help get the word out for you.
  • Ask for a specific donation on a specific day of the month.  An example would be a request for $25 donations on the 25th of the month.
  • Set specific weekly goals and let your supporters know how you are doing toward your goal.
  • Tag people on Facebook and thank them for their donation. The message will show up on your donor’s feed and yours!
  • Create your own contest creating a raffle prize drawing for your supporters who donated at a certain level.  It would be a fun way to build enthusiasm.
  • Make sure every social post is not just an ask.  Share inspiring stories of women who have battled ovarian cancer, signs and symptoms of the disease.

Fundraising Checklist

  • Personalize your fundraising page and share your compelling reason for riding in Wheel to Survive.

  • Share your page with family, friends and co-workers through email and on social networks like Facebook.

  • Thank your donors.   Every dollar helps and we appreciate you and your supporters!

  • Send a follow-up email to people who you initially reached out to that haven’t yet donated.  People are busy and sometimes need that reminder.

  • Come out to Wheel to Survive and have fun!  Take lots of pictures and share them with your supporters!

Bring Wheel to Survive to Your City

Contact us if you are interested in bringing a Wheel to Survive to your city!