South Florida

Why I Ride: Lisa Hurst


As you can see, this year I am riding in FLORIDA!!! Our first ever FL event will be a 4 hour indoor cycling event to raise money to help women batting ovarian cancer today and to provide research dollars for a cure. 100% of the money I raise will go to fund these [...]

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Why I Ride: Brenda Hilsberg


I am riding in memory of my dear cousin, Shirley Levine, who, sadly, lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer. Shirley was a beloved wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and friend who was loved by all and left us way to soon. Family was very important to Shirley and she was instrumental in [...]

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Why I Ride: Dennis Payton


One woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer every 24 minutes. 22,000 women this year. One woman dies from ovarian cancer every 37 minutes. 15,000 women this year. Sadly, 70% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will die from the disease. There is no reliable early detection test available for ovarian cancer. These women are [...]

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Why I Ride: Jody Pflanzer


I believe in living life to the fullest   I am riding to support all women because we need to stick together. We never know what life will present us and many of us have lived so much of our lives in support of others putting our own dreams aside. When we finally realize [...]

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Why I Ride: Eileen Swenson


One woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer every 24 minutes. 22,000 women this year. One woman dies from ovarian cancer every 37 minutes. 15,000 women this year. My friends Kathy and Toni are no longer with us.  Both women fought hard - so hard.  They both were outstanding professional women. Over achievers indeed. Kathy [...]

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Why I Ride: Stacey Krone


I am riding in honor of my mom, my HERO, and her Battle against Ovarian Cancer. In October 2010, my family’s world was devastated when my mom, Jeri Krone, was diagnosed with advanced stage Ovarian Cancer. She is my hero and has taught me the true meaning of being a FIGHTER and SURVIVOR. [...]

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Why I Ride: Danielle Queller Lifton


 I ride in memory of my beautiful and courageous mother, Stephanie, who lost her fierce battle with ovarian cancer at the age of 60. I also ride for the women in my life...those who fight their own battle with cancer, those who fight beside me for a cure, and for every single woman...because I [...]

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Why I Ride: Jessica Aviles


  I have been blessed with 3 beautiful children, 2 boys and our newest addition, a baby girl, born December 2015. My Mom was there, as she always has been, helping through it all. When my little girl was still in her first month we received the shocking and devastating news that my [...]

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Why I Ride: Marcy Kammerman


I ride for my friends and their loved ones. I ride for Kathy Mansfield who lost her life to this disease. I ride for Jessica and her mother Luann; Luann is currently a rock on survivor! I ride for Stacey and her mom; her mom is fighting hard and surviving!! I ride for [...]

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