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Why I Ride: Yvette Fantham


OVARIAN CANCER AWARENESS - 70% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will die from the disease. And there is no reliable early detection test available for ovarian cancer.  Early detection is crucial. These women are our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends and they deserve better. We all deserve better. I will be participating in [...]

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Why I Ride: Richard Cutler


I ride in honor of all the women in my life who have endured the challenges of cancer and have been a great inspiration, I will be participating in Wheel to Survive, a 6 hour indoor cycling event, to raise money to help The Clearity Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) organization that supports women [...]

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Why I Ride: Adrina Phipps


I ride because I humbled by loss.  My dear friend, and often my partner in (many) "crimes", Sarah Shema, lost her "kick ass", "take no prisoners" battle with ovarian cancer almost 3 years ago.  I think about her often and miss her very much. The Wheel to Survive event is an event that I [...]

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