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Instructor Profile: Donna Minotti


Donna Minotti, Wheel to Survive South Florida Instructor Lead Instructor Donna shares her passion for health and wellness with many.  Donna has shared her knowledge and expertise teaching credited courses in athletics and coaching at both Quinnipiac University and Ohio University; Pilates and Spinning to the members of a local JCC, as well as [...]

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Instructor Profile: Linda Besman


Linda Besman, Wheel to Survive South Florida Instructor Lead Instructor at Ride Delray Linda is a Master Cycle Instructor, and has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. She is a certified Stages instructor, and holds a group exercise instructor and personal trainer certification through AFAA. Linda has an enormous amount of passion for fitness, [...]

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Instructor Profile: Ralph Barilla


Ralph Barilla, Wheel to Survive South Florida Instructor Lead Instructor at Ride Delray Ralph has been an avid outdoor cyclist for the last 24 years, and has brought his love of cycling indoors. He has been teaching cycling for over 12 years. He is certified by Spinning and Stages. His classes consist of a variety of [...]

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Instructor Profile: Susan Albinder


Susan Albinder, Wheel to Survive South Florida Instructor Lead Instructor at Ride Delray Susan is the resident cycle therapist with a Ph.D in Marriage and Family therapy, and nationally certified in Spinning and Stages bikes. She also has a group exercise and personal training certification from AFFA. Susan is a veteran instructor, and has taught [...]

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Instructor Profile: Thomas Renner


Thomas Renner, Wheel to Survive Dallas Instructor Lead Instructor at Flywheel Sports Dallas Thomas Renner comes to us from Flywheel Sports where he motivates and inspires riders daily. He graduated from the Boston Conservatroy with a degree in Musical Theatre. He found his passion for fitness through teaching dance upon his return to Dallas after school. [...]

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Instructor Profile: Terri Arends


Terri Arends, Wheel to Survive Dallas Instructor Group Fitness Director at Dallas JCC “Don’t underestimate the power of passionate people,” says Terri Arends, the group fitness director for the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Dallas. A dynamically trained sports professional, Arends designs innovative group programming that encourages participants to meet their fitness goals while [...]

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Instructor Profile: Denis Morton


Denis Morton, Wheel to Survive Dallas InstructorZynstructor at Zyn22 Denis’ biggest goal in life is to LIVE, not just exist! With over 17 years of experience instructing indoor-cycling & yoga, Denis is a rockstar and a total master of his craft! He has conquered everything from college football to hip-hop dancing & aerial acrobatics, making his rides [...]

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Instructor Profile: Courtney Echols


Courtney Echols, Wheel to Survive Dallas Instructor General Manager and CycleStar Instructor at Cyclebar Lakeside Market Courtney’s motto is “happiness is an inside job”. The Cyclebar Lakeside Market General Manger and CycleStar Instructor got hooked on indoor cycling when she was in grad school. She loved the full-body workout—and the way she felt after every [...]

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Instructor Profile: Jill Mearns


Jill Mearns Wheel to Survive Dallas Instructor Lead CycleStar Instructor at CycleBar Preston Forest Jill is thrilled to be Lead CycleStar Instructor for CycleBar Preston Forest, a premium boutique indoor cycling studio opening next month, and she can’t wait to show you her awesome new digs when you come in for a ride! She [...]

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Instructor Profile: Barbara Edes


Barbara Edes, Wheel to Survive Dallas Instructor Instructor at Dallas JCC Barbara Edes works at the JCC and is a highly experienced personal trainer and group fitness instructor across multiple disciplines, including spinning, strength training, and yoga. As a repeat lead instructor in the Wheel to Survive Dallas event she leads the fifth hour [...]

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